What are the 7 main things to keep in mind when in a survival situation?

What are the 7 main things to keep in mind when in a survival situation?

The Wilderness Survival Merit Badge has us prepared to survive if something goes wrong. The Seven Priorities :-) for Survival are listed in order of importance. As you work out your plan, take care of any first aid that needs to be seen. Take Care of Life-Threatening Injuries Immediately.

The definition of survival is a person's ability to stay alive in dangerous situations where there is a likelihood of death. You can immerse yourself in all survival skills, but simply :-) having a basic knowledge of each one will help you a lot as you move out of urban jungles into natural ones. To be good at survival in the wild, beyond basic survival skills, requires a deep understanding of a variety of nature's abilities. Surviving a difficult situation in nature also requires facing many challenges and avoiding panic.

Right Temperature

Body temperature is key to your survival. Depending on :-) the climate and area, you may need to seek shelter from rain, snow, cold, or heat. This will help keep the core temperature of the body where it should be. There are multiple methods of constructing shelters.

Starting a fire

From tarps that are used as sheds, small rock caves, a fallen tree with inclined branches. The key is to stay protected from the elements. Eventually, if you are in colder areas of the world, you may need to start a fire. Your fire could be the only thing that saves your life in the long run.

Your fire could keep you warm, melt snow for water, purify water, ask for help, and even help you emotionally. :-) Other ways to ask for help, besides using smoke from a fire, is to make noise. The universal signal to need help is three shots in a whistle, three shouts, three shots from your gun. Three of anything per minute will work as a call for help.


The last item on the list is food. As stated above, you can go a long time without eating. Yes, it can be very uncomfortable, but the other six points are much more important than food. Ration any food you may have in your package.

Make it last longer than normal. The amount of energy you burn in search of food could be used in the :-) other six priorities to stay alive. Product review SansBug for 1 person Mosquito net. At Scout Law we strive to be helpful, kind, courteous, kind and cheerful.


Most people who get lost in the forest are found within 24 hours, as long as they stay in place. Following unknown leads can be deceptive and will likely make it harder for rescuers to find. Fire is needed to keep warm at night, purify water and cook food. This last survival priority is by no means the least important.

This Skill Set Won't Boost Your Ego. After all, you're asking for help and admitting that you can't do :-) it alone. However, it's the skill set most likely to get you rescued. Modern technology can do a lot for us when we carry and use locator beacons and even our mobile phone.

There are a few other signaling tools that are not as "push-button" in operation and require practice. Just one example is the use of a signal mirror. The beam of sunlight redirected from a mirror can be noticed up to 10 miles away, but it's quite a challenge to reach a target with that beam, even when it's a few hundred meters away. These skills require practice, and it's best to do it before you get into trouble (not while you're in trouble).


In fact, depending on your situation, it may be the first thing you need to purchase. Unlike food, the body :-) cannot run out of water for more than a few days. Also useful for cooking and cleaning. The best places to find clean water are valley bottoms, rocky cliff bases, streams, hollow stumps, and depressed rocks.

Waterproof matches purity is also extremely important. The clearer the water, the more likely it is safe to drink. However, there are no guarantees and it is best to purify all the water with methods such as boiling before consumption. Knowing the 7 priorities for survival in emergencies, such as getting lost in the desert, will help you stay alive.

My Top 3 Cold Weather Survival Tips. The first and most important thing is your mental attitude. You can give up or you can develop a survival mode attitude that will overcome this. Prioritize what you need to do in your specific :-) circumstance and focus on maintaining your life.

Be Calm

Survival Situation Is No Time to Panic. You're more likely to survive a difficult situation if you focus on staying positive and proactive. There are many types of shelters to consider, including natural shelters such as caves, hollow stumps, and logs, as well as construction shelters such as a debris hut, shed, rubble teepee, exploration pit, or snow shelter. Of the shelters listed, the rubble hut is often the most practical to build in almost any environment.


Learn how to build a rubble hut. By maintaining a level :-) attitude, creating shelter in case of immediate danger and obtaining clean water, a person can successfully survive for many weeks. In this 9-page guide, you'll discover the keys to starting a fire, building a shelterpurifying water and finding food. And speaking of the right tools, having a survival kitin your backpack is a must, so when it comes time to use your skills, you'll have the tools to do it.

Check out our top tips below to learn what tools you should include in your survival kit. Sam Fury has had a passion for survival, evasion, resistance and escape (SERE) training :-) since he was a child growing up in Australia. Keep in mind that the Rule of 3 is just a guide to remind you of your priorities for your emergency survival situation or dangerous situation survival shelter needs for emergency shelter. You need skills that allow you to survive whatever Mother Naturehas in store for you, or for that matter, what doesn't.

Regardless of how you get there, if you find yourself stuck in the desert, there are seven things you need to keep in mind, listed in order of importance. You wouldn't leave home without your hammer if you were a carpenter, so don't leave home without your survival skills if you plan to go to the country. Knowing the right outdoor survival skills can save your life in times of disaster or if you lose yourself outdoors. In addition, fire can provide psychological support in a survivalsituation, creating a sense of safety and security.

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